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  • Smart Box Power:
    Option 1. The basic remote will turn the box on and off using the power button. Option 2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the box and plugging it back in will automatically power the box on. Option 3. If you have an upgraded remote it will power the box off ONLY due to the dongle not receiving power when the box is shut off.
  • Connecting to the internet:
    Go to the settings option on the home screen and choose > Network > select network you would like to connect to via Wi-Fi > put in Wi-Fi password > select enter on the on-screen keyboard and the system will connect.
  • Favorite Bar:
    This is the line of apps at the bottom of the screen that can be manipulated by pressing the Plus (+) button. All the apps with a check mark will appear on the favorite bar. You can add and subtract apps by clicking the ok once the app is highlighted in the favorite bar drop down.
  • Clearing your cache:
    Select Settings from the home screen > Storage & Reset > Internal Shared Storage > Cached Data > and finally the OK button. Once this is complete press the ok button on the clean memory selection 3-4 times. Note: If the cache has not been cleared in the last five days reboot your box immediately for these steps to take effect.
  • Does BirdseyeTv provide a refund if I'm not satisfied:
    Boxes: We provide a partial refund as the equipment is no longer new after use. If the equipment is faulty we provide a full refund. Accessories: No Refunds Keep in mind: The product works as advertised and our boxes come with a 2 Year Warranty to protect your investment.
  • Update your content and software:
    This will only be necessary if your account was expired during a software update. Click the LIVE, MOVIE, or SERIES tab. On either tab there will appear three dots in the top right. Click the dots and select the Refresh Channels selection. This will push any software or content updates you may have missed.
  • Go to channel / Full Screen mode:
    You can go to any channel you desire by clicking the ok button once on the channel of your choice. You can go in full screen mode by clicking the ok button on the channel you desire twice.
  • Buffering, Slow connection, or mismatch stream:"
    On any channel press the ok button once in full screen mode to make the channel control line appear. Select the (HW) option; your channel will reload and turn the (HW) button red. If this option smooth’s out your stream it should also be done on any movie and any series, and it will take effect on every category under each main heading.
  • Channel guide:
    On the Birdseye TV app home screen click the EPG button (Electronic Programing Guide), the TV guide will then download. Once downloaded it will automatically take you to c channel guide view of the live tv section. You can also go back into the normal live tv section, and the channel guide will appear in the bottom right. *Note: watching live tv under the EPG Live option requires 10 times the internet bandwidth as the normal live tv section. There for we recommend watching live tv in the regular live section once the EPG is downloaded.
  • Adding Favorites:
    Hold the OK button down on any channel you desire, and a dropdown box will appear giving the option to add the channel to the favorite section. You can also remove channels from the favorite section the same way. *Note: This applies to the movie and series sections as well.
  • Closed Caption (CC)
    The Closed Captions can be turned on and off by clicking the settings option from the on-screen pop-up when your movie or series first starts. *Note: If you turn it off while words appear on the screen the system will freeze those words on the screen.
  • Power:
    The power switch is on the right side of the remote (It flips up for on and down for off). *Note: The power key on the remote to the right of the touch pad only turns the box off due to the dongle not receiving power when the box is shut off.
  • Charging:
    This remote can be charged with any android charger. It comes with a small charger for your convenience that can plug directly into the box. Note: If you charge your remote longer than one hour you run the risk of your remote over charging and no longer functioning. There is no warranty on the upgraded remote.
  • Touch Pad:
    This is the rectangle shaped space in the middle of the remote. 1 finger – moves the mouse icon on the screen and can click on what you hover with a one finger tap. 2 fingers – scrolls any page of options up and down. You can also use 2 fingers in a counterclockwise motion to go back to a previous page or action.
  • Keypad light:
    On the bottom right and left there are keys with a light bulb icon; you can press both buttons simultaneously to turn the keypad light on and off.

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